Safari! Animal #1 - Blub-blub, ho-hum, yawwwwwwn: hippo.

Kiboko in Swahili means hippopotamus! Hippos are vegetarians, but that doesn't mean they're not dangerous; they are known to attack those who dare tread upon their territory - even humans.  So, don't disturb this old lady's bath! ...And what weapon would a hippo employ if you did intrude?  Well, it has no horns, no sharp claws or rows of pointed teeth - just one biiiiiig mouth!

Now, what percentage of kiboko do you figure is visible at first sight?  Therein lies the deceptive nature of the poem's introduction.  But, once you look under the surface, its identity is roundly exposed! Speaking of rotund animals, hippos are related to pigs, which explains the reference to ham in the poem.

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