Mystery Animal #8: Chui

I have this horrible habit
I really must admit
And no matter how I've tried
I cannot change a bit

For some it might be chewing their nails
Sucking their thumbs or gnawing their lips
But as for me it just happens to be
Scattering bones: legs, necks, skulls and hips

Sometimes I leave them on the ground
As clumps of inedible debris
But usually I leave them on top of a cliff
Or in the branches of a wide tall tree

I really can't help it; it's not my fault
I can't change what I like to eat
Yummy rabbits, hyraxes, gazelles and warthogs
And their yummy ribs, shoulders, torsos and feet

I'm not like the hyena who can chew 'em completely
Nor like you humans who conveniently heave 'em
I'm not like the dog who can bury 'em for later
So after my meal I just lick 'em and leave 'em

Yes I have this horrible habit
I really must give it up
I tend to scatter bones
Wherever I decide to sup

So though you'll never see me
Showing my face in the day
Just look for a pile of freshly gnawed bones
And you'll know that I'm not far away
I am chui, the _________


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