The Africa Classroom Package:
Swahili Swirl

So, you're going on an East African animal Safari! or to meet Children of East Africa - and you'd like to learn a little Swahili? Hakuna matata! (No problem!) After a few short and fun activities, you'll be able to speak over ONE MILLION Swahili sentences. You don't believe it? Just give it a try. In the final activity, we'll even do the math to prove the boast. Limber up your tongues. Twenda! (Let's Go!)

Note to teachers: This activity combines language arts and social studies, exploring how languages (and cultures) interact with each other. After completing the activities, discuss the origin of words with students and how Swahili acquired the English borrow words. Then discuss how English has borrowed words from many languages. Research word origins using the dictionary.

There are four parts to Swahili Swirl. Choose one below.

Swahili Swirl: Activity 1
Swahili Swirl: Activity 2
Swahili Swirl: Activity 2
Swahili Swirl: Activity 2

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