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Read the poem, then complete the activity below. Go to Lessons and Activities for a related map activity suggestion.

Kontinenti wa Afrika*

I am a continent, far and wide
With a tropical island by my bottom right side
A half turn to the left makes me look like a shoe
But with the same to the right, what do I look like to you?
If an animal's head is what you say
Then it's easy to find my countries this way
Look to the west and to the north
And you'll see my neck jutting forth
Then look down my face and to the south
And you'll see my snout, my nose and my mouth
My eye is the lake where the Nile river is born
"Can ya" find Kenya in the east under my horn?
My shape is a clue to what you will find here
Some are large and ferocious
Some are small and dear
If it's animals you guessed
Quite right you are
And if you open a book
I'm close, not far
I'm kontinenti wa Afrika, ________.

© Paul Hurteau, from Safari!
(*Note: 'kontinenti wa Afrika' is 'the continent of Africa' in Swahili.)

Art Activity: Have students draw a map of Africa and write the poem inside it. Then have them decorate the borders with related drawings. Display your posters on the wall.

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