The Africa Classroom Package: Lessons and Activities

MAP #2

This political map of Africa also shows the major lines of latitude. How many countries can your class name?

Geography/Social Studies Activity

On large paper, have students draw a map of Africa.  Have them label 10 countries, 5 cities that have at least one million people living in them, 5 rivers, 2 deserts, 2 oceans, the equator, 1 large lake, 1 mountain and Victoria Falls.  Have them color all the rain forests green, the deserts brown, the lake blue and the savanna yellow.  Have them create a legend using symbols to represent 10 animals, then have them research where the animals live and put the symbols in the correct places.  Next to the symbols, have them add a C if the animal is carnivorous, a H if the animal is herbivorous or a O if the animal is omnivorous.  Have students make a chart or graph comparing Victoria Falls to Niagara Falls, New York, showing the following: the name natives gave each; the first nonnative to see or write about it; the river it is located on; how each is used or why it is important; any other information.

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