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Electronic Interchange

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Follow the guidelines below to submit content for OneWorld Classrooms Electronic Interchange.

PLEASE NOTE: OneWorld Classrooms Electronic Interchange is a teacher-generated resource. It is free and open to all interested K-12 teachers around the world. OWC staff will not contact you to get the ball rolling; that is up to you. Please follow the guidelines to proceed.

1. Create digital content that reflects the lives and culture of your students. You may choose one or more of the following digital content types:

  • PowerPoint or Photostory presentation(s) introducing your students, sharing student artwork, giving a tour of your school or town, or sharing aspects of your students' lives and culture.
  • Scanned student artwork.
  • Student-narrated video of students singing, performing music or dance, giving a tour of their school or town, sharing something they have been studying in school (a lesson or a report) or sharing aspects of their lives and culture.
  • Digital audio of students singing or playing musical instruments.
  • Digital audio of students (speaking in their first language or a language they are learning): introducing themselves; sharing things about themselves, their lives or their culture; or teaching words/phrases to partner classes learning their first language.

2. For each post, you may submit any of the following: one PowerPoint, Photostory or digital video; up to 12 pieces of scanned student artwork; OR up 12 audio files.

3. Please see posts already on the Electronic Cultural Exchange Library for sample content. Or, be creative! We welcome innovative and interesting new content!

4. Create (or convert your content to) the following file types and limit (or shrink) them to the following sizes:

  • PowerPoint or Photostory presentations -- .ppt or .wmv files between .5 and 25 MB (may include photos, text, audio and video) Please minimize the size of photos so the file can contain maximum content with minimal digital size.
  • Scanned artwork -- .jpg files of under 400 KB per file.
  • Digital video -- .mpg, Windows Media (.wmv), Quicktime (.mov), Real Media (.rm or .rv) or Flash and Shockwave (.swf) files between 1 and 8 minutes per file.
  • Digital audio -- MP3/MPEG (.mp3, etc.), Real Audio (.ra, .rm or .ram), WAVE (.wav) or Windows Media Player (WMP) files from 20 to 60 seconds for speaking or 1-4 minutes for music per file.

5. Teachers should monitor all submissions for appropriate content (for more on this, see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ).

6. Important: All content submitted must be of good to high digitized quality or OneWorld Classrooms will not post it on the Electronic Cultural Exchange Library. OneWorld Classrooms will make all final decisions about the quality of content submitted. We will not post any content that is difficult to see or hear. Our basic standard for determining quality is: usefulness in the classroom (if it is difficult for students to see/hear, it is not useful in the classroom).

7. Send posts as an attachment via E-mail to paul@oneworldclassrooms.org. Include a note indicating the teacher's name, grade level, school, city, state/province and country and explaining the content. (If your post includes student-performed music, please list song/music/dance titles and original artists.)

If the file(s) are too large to send via E-mail, post them on a free file sharing Web site like Simple Share or SendSpace and send us the location using the Email address above -- OR copy them onto a CD and mail them via regular mail to:

OneWorld Classrooms
PO Box 534
N. Andover, MA 01845

Include a cover letter or note indicating the teacher's name, grade level, school, city, state/province and country and explaining the content.

8. Our staff uploads all appropriate content to our password-protected Electronic Cultural Exchange Library or Student to Student Language Lab. Please note: OneWorld Classrooms will not post content that does not meet the requirements of these guidelines. Also, OneWorld Classrooms may not always be able to post content immediately after it is submitted.

9. Your classes gain access to ALL content posted by ALL participating schools from around the world (see Free Travel & Learn Online Content link below).

10. If you have any questions or concerns, please send an E-mail to paul@oneworldclassrooms.org.



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OneWorld Classrooms Home | Participation Guidelines Home

Students at the Liuyang Middle School in Liuyang, China work on computers.


  • Participating classes/schools share cultural information electronically with schools from around the world.
  • Teachers electronically submit digitized content: student artwork, music, video, audio files or PowerPoints.
  • All submitted content is posted on OneWorld Classrooms' Electronic Cultural Exchange Library.
  • ALL participants gain online access to ALL posted content from around the world.



To contact OneWorld Classrooms, send an E-mail to: paul@oneworldclassrooms.org. We provide E-mail support, whenever needed.



  • Teachers are busy people! Where possible, recruit a parent to help coordinate.
  • The Internet is a powerful way for your students to share who they are, teach about their culture -- and make friends. Encourage them to do their best -- and ensure that they submit appropriate content.



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